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November 2022




President’s Message -- Lloyd B. Cox, President, James E. Parks Jr. District Branch 526



Hello Branch 526 members, greetings to you! It has been a very busy and rewarding past 2 months.


Frontline supervisors have received significant increases in starting pay SDOs-$74,315, SCSs-$77,492 and SMOs-$85,043. The NAPS National Executive Board have focused on improving salaries for frontline supervisors in order to attract candidates to the positions. If you are a frontline supervisor and did not earn the new starting salary, you were updated to the new minimum in your base salary. NAPS Headquarters Leaders are not stopping there, they have requested of the USPS Leadership to upgrades of other grades as well as the midlevel bracket. Review your copy of The Postal Supervisor for more information of what grades and areas are under consideration. Our National Leaders are working very hard on your behalf.


NAPS Headquarters are in consultation with the USPS on improving the SWCs formula. The meetings thus far have been very positive. If you operation has had a significant increase of routes or employees, meet with your postmaster ensure he/she is looking at that area of the business. Become familiar with the SWCs process and make sure your office is receiving proper credit.


When you respect your employees, you receive respect. As we enter peak season it is important to move the mail but also important to always treat our employees and supervisory colleagues with dignity and respect. Maintain your integrity as you work and communicate.


As you know there are no written agreements or contracts between the USPS and EAS organizations. We rely on the ELM, Management Instructions, Handbooks, Polices and Procedures. Know your area of concern. This is critical for Customer Service and Distribution Operations Supervisors. I often tell Supervisors that if you work in the field, you should study at a minimum, the M39, M41, Handbook F-401, and all the craft contract agreements (APWU, NALC, Mail Handlers and NRCA). Review the directives posted on the NAPS website. It is essential that you become familiar with Handbooks EL-801, Supervisor’s Safety Handbook and EL-814, Postal Employee's Guide to Safety.  This is a time of rapid change at USPS and new programs are continually being added. Make sure you receive any applicable training and are following new directives. If you need help reach out to your manager and communicate any issues you are having in completing your duties.


NAPS has always negotiated pay for all EAS supervisory and management employees and now we are one of the official pay consultation representatives for postmasters as well. If you know of any new EAS Supervisor(s) in your unit, or newly promoted postmasters, ask them to join us. If you need material explaining the benefits of NAPS membership, contact any of our officers. You can receive $25 for each new member you sign up. You have only 60 days to join NAPS after being promoted to EAS in order to receive full representation rights. If a non-member needs assistance and wishes to join, they will have to wait 60 days after signing up to be eligible for full benefits of NAPS defense. NAPS is not a union and is not required to represent non-members. NAPS is a nonprofit management organization, and we will only assist members. There is strength in numbers, and NAPS continues to grow. If you receive this local newsletter and not the National Magazine, please update your mailing address with us. Stay safe!


I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all Branch 526 members and their families a joyful holiday season. I hope that the new year of 2023 brings peace and prosperity to us all.



Lloyd B Cox





















Branch 526 Member Advocates


Customer Service--Alice Jackson (703) 763-9317, Mail Processing--Deborah Farmer (301) 356-6955, Headquarters—Lloyd Cox (571) 422-8749


Contact a NAPS advocate ASAP if you are asked to participate in an Investigative Interview or are issued corrective action.




THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2022 – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Meeting ID: 884 9682 8304Passcode: 993923


If you do not have Zoom capability on your computer or mobile device, you can dial 301-715-8592 and join using the meeting ID and password.


If you are having difficulties connecting to the meeting, please text Deborah Holley at 757-377-5679.


If dialing in use the same meeting ID and password


Meeting ID: 884 9682 8304Passcode: 993923

Peak Season is USPS’s time to shine but can also be overwhelming. Make sure you are completing all required reports and submitting accurate information. Do not falsify! It is better to face criticism or threats for delayed mail or scanning failures than risk possible removal for not reporting these items. Do not sign off on checklists or inspections that you have not personally verified.

If you are an FLSA-Exempt employee you are entitled to additional pay for working extra hours December 3-23, 2022. If you are a Special Exempt employee in most cases, you qualify for extra straight time for hours worked in excess of 8.5 on a scheduled day and/or all hours worked on non-scheduled day or designated Holiday. You should not carry mail or be doing craft work (other than level 18 postmasters allowed up to 15 hours per week). If you are being asked to do so, let NAPS know, there is a form to report any instances of EAS being asked to carry mail.

Treat your employees and customers as you would want to be treated. Keep your cool during a stressful time of year. Take care of business and get the mail out, but also take care of yourself.



















The November 2022 meeting of NAPS Branch 526 will be held on Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 7:00 PM.



Elections will be held for several Executive Board positions.

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